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How to choose the products to buy

This link https://pokojchrystusa.pl/sklep/ will take you to Sklep, which means Shop. The link is placed in many other places so it won’t be a problem to get there. Fortunately, the Angel Layla album will be or should be right at the top of all the products in the shop (Sklep).

So to buy any of those 3 products you just click on the one you want. And that should be self-explanatory: CD only; CD + MP3 files; MP3 files only.

Drop-down menu

You may get to the desired version of the album by using the drop-down menu as shown below. Sklep (Shop) unfolds options and you go to Muzyka (Music, that’s simple, isn’t it?), another drop-down menu from which you choose the option you want.

Drop-down menus
Option Muzyka/Music

You may also click the option Muzyka (may happen accidentally, too) And you this will get you to this site:

And you’ll find out you’re safe there as there are English translations, if you’re mindful enough to breathe and look around without assuming that it’s all Greek to me.

So from there you’ll be able to go to some other places but first and foremost you can choose which album version you want to buy. Peace of cake…. for those curious about linguistic subtleties: „płyta” means „a record”, „pliki” means „files” 🙂


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