F.A.Q for the non-Polish customers – 2

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How to buy the product

Once you’ve chosen your desired version you want to buy and you’ve clicked on it, you’ll get to the place as shown below:

Add to cart

Click on the button „Dodaj do koszyka”(Add to cart) and you’ll get the info: „Angel Layla CD+MP3 został dodany do koszyka” (has been added to your cart) as in the picture below.

Go to cart

On the right-hand side of the green bar there is a button – ZOBACZ KOSZYK/ Go to cart (picture above). Click on that and you’ll land in the cart from where you go to checkout.

Proceed to checkout

On the right there is PODSUMOWANIE KOSZYKA/ Cart contents. When you buy only MP3 files there will be only the price for the MP3 files. When you buy MP3 files + CD or CD only you will also have info about the shipping costs as in the picture above.

Click on PRZEJDŹ DO KASY / Proceed to checkout

Payment data

In the checkout you will have DANE PŁATNOŚCI /Payment data.

Country list

You choose the country from the list, which, again, is in Polish only. Here are two that might give problems:

Stany Zjednoczone – United States
Wielka Brytania – Great Britain
The others should be straightforward like Irlandia, or Holandia 🙂

Payment method

Payment Data are on the left, and on the right there is a method of payment to be chosen, entitled TWOJE ZAMÓWIENIE / Your order, where all the info is summed up and there is a choice to be made how you want to pay. Tpay method is recommended specially when you buy MP3 files only, where there is PayPal to choose.

1 Choose Paypal by clicking it.
This is only to highlight the option you choose and not to open PayPal.

2 Tick off two boxes accepting the rules & regulations

3 Click KUPUJĘ I PŁACĘ / Buy and Pay

When you click KUPUJĘ I PŁACĘ / Buy and Pay you will get to the next screen of Payment where you can change the language to English.

On the right-hand side, at the top there is a drop-down list for Polish or English.

Open the list and choose English.

Before changing the language info is in Polish

As a result you will have all the information in English

Error on the ordering form

The order form will not accept a postcode or eircode longer than four digits. I have already reported that to Tpay and they are looking into the issue to solve the problem. I will let you know once it’s corrected.

But temporarily we can bypass the problem by putting 0000 on the order form, and then clicking Next.

You will go to the next screen where you will be able to process the actual order through Paypal and pay for the ordered album.


You will be getting some mails with some information confirming you payment and providing the link to download the album in the form o zipped files. The content of the mail is in Polish and can’t be switched to English but you will see the name of the file: Angel-Layla_album_MP3.zip – which is the link to download the album.

Below is an example of the letter thanking for the purchase and providing the links to download the files.

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