Spiritual English Adventure

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Explore vital questions through the medium of English

If you’ve ever felt you would love to work on your English with a focus on what is the most important thing for you – the quest for meaning and sense in life – then maybe I can help you. I can offer you both the space to explore the vital questions you keep asking yourself as well as the space to do it through the medium of English.

Wide vistas of sens & meaning

Speaking a foreign language is an enlightening experience in itself. It’s like gaining a wider and deeper perspective on things. It can open wide vistas of sense and meaning that have been blocked so far by habits of thinking rooted deep in our consciousness. The same piece of wisdom expressed in a foreign language may bring home the message in a fresh, new way. It’s like being suddenly surprised on a spring morning by the beautifully subtle green innocence of trees awakening to life after their winter slumber. After a week or two we’ll become accustomed to that sight but that moment of delight at watching nature spring to life leaves a lasting trace within us. The novelty will wear off but will inevitably leave a lasting trace to be remembered while moving on in life.

Spiritual English adventure

If you feel that this might be of some interest to you, don’t hesitate to contact me either to seek further information or to start a spiritual English adventure. 

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