Problems with ordering the album

Opublikowane przez Marek w dniu

I am aware that people from abroad are facing some problems with ordering and that seems to be involved with Tpay payment mechanism.

The messages I get at my end are that „the time limit for payment has been reached and the order has been cancelled”. To explain why and what causes it, I need to contact Tpay customer service tomorrow. They don’t work on Sundays. I am their customer, just as you are, but at the other end, so I hope they will be able to advise but most hopefully to amend the situation.

I hear there are some problems with the post code for those ordering from the UK. I will be also explaining this with Tpay. I have some screen shots from Laura who tried to buy it as a test and came up against similar problem.

Lastly, thank you for your patience. It is a lesson for me and naturally for Laura, who would like her Angel Layla to soar and fly smoothly wherever she is invited. It’s a lesson of trust and allowing and being humble that things don’t always shape up the way we are convinced they should be. Well, God bless and I will be in touch.

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