Dwa dni do premiery – wpis Laury na FB

Opublikowane przez Marek w dniu

Zostawiam wpis bez tłumaczenia, ufam, że sobie poradzicie w zrozumieniu. Naprawdę polecam translatora Google, który jest zaskakująco dobry. 🙂

Cieszę się razem z Laurą i z radością czekam na 02.02.2020.

Angel Layla ❤??

As the release date of my first album draws ever closer, there are a range of emotions coming to the surface. Excitement, sadness, joy, hopelessness. A feeling of accomplishment. A feeling of 'I miss my baby girl.’ A feeling of amazement that the album is HERE!’ A feeling of despair. And all the other possible feelings that a human heart can feel. I’d always imagined that this time would be a time of rejoice, and whilst at times it IS, other times I wonder, 'how can so many tears flow from this heart?’ Some days the tears seem endless. Other days I am filled with peace in knowing that Layla is free. Feeling happiness in knowing that in the sharing of these songs and about Laylas earthly life, that Layla’s life stood for something. That her name lives on, still. That she will be known; be remembered. Yes, the days and months leading up to this moment have been like every day since Laylas little body ceased to work; Heart-breaking and beautiful ❤

There are some thank yous I would like to share. Firstly, my dear friend Marek. Without this ones efforts, support, kindness and encouragement, these songs would not be available in downloadable or CD form. Yes, I played a part in the creative process of the songs and music, but bringing these songs to life happened because Marek trusted his guidance, to share my music. Once he listened to this guidance, doors started to open, miraculously, and with little effort. And now, here we are, with album complete and ready for sale. His support has been truly phenomenal throughout. Dear Marek, thank you for your love, and for making the sharing of this Music possible. 

Thank you Bartek for selflessly donating your time and energy to the recording of this album . For your kindness, patience, encouragement, gentleness, and well-wishes,, thank you. Thank you to the team at Dynamo films for recording the video of the song 'Angel Layla,’ as a gift. For your generosity, your professionalism, and for giving me the opportunity to experience being a star for the day, Thank you. Thank you Mark Reihill for your fabulous illustrations on the album. For your kindliness, generosity, friendship, and for spending years mastering your talent, Thank you. Thank you to to the people at mediapixel for the the printing of the CD covers. 

Lastly, and certainly not least-ly, THANK YOU to the sweetest, most innocent, Dearest child, Layla. For choosing me to be your Mother. For loving me. For teaching me unconditional love, compassion, acceptance. For guiding me. For being; Thank you a gazillion Thank you’s my forever Love ❤

Below (in the comments) is a link to the site from which the album will be available (in 2 days time.) Please pop over to it, have a wee navigation around it, and have a listen to some samples of all 11 songs whilst you are there. The album will be available in both mp3 and CD form. 

Thank you to all in facebook world for your support and encouragement through recent years. And thank you all, for loving the beautiful, Angel Layla. 2 days to go……❤?